Times have changed

A big ‘hello’ from REAL Aluminium! It’s an exciting time in the world of home improvements and renovations with the use of ever-improving building materials such as aluminium. When was the last time you saw a home improvement or renovation TV programme installing PVCu into one of the beautiful homes… never! But why?

It seems only right to start our first blog from where a big proportion of the population currently are in terms of their perceptions of aluminium. Let’s take it right back… those of you who have experienced aluminium windows installed into homes built in the 1980s and 1990s will be all-too-familiar with the old-style silver anodised (steel-looking) aluminium windows, which tended to suffer terribly from condensation and poor energy efficiency. This is certainly not the case now.

Vast improvements to thermal performance, security, quality, colour application and aluminium’s slim frame sightlines (up to 50% slimmer than PVCu) have made aluminium a sophisticated choice for more astute homeowners, architects and designers.

Let’s begin with thermal efficiency. Loss of heat from inefficient windows, doors and glazed roofs plays a major part in the comfort or usability of living spaces (especially orangeries and extensions) and can result in high energy costs. (Brace yourself for some ‘techi talk’.) REAL Aluminium is enhanced with innovative polyamide thermal barrier technology. What’s this? The central part of each aluminium window frame contains an insulating inner core to reduce the heat loss by resisting heat transfer from the inside to the outside of the frame, giving improved thermal efficiency and reduced condensation.

That’s just a very quick introduction to how aluminium has come on in leaps and bounds since the 1980s. Keep an eye on this blog for interior design ideas, learn more about choosing the right windows for your home, design trends, ‘How to…’ guides and so much more.